Martin Jan van Dalen is AVgenerator

According to others, I am a multi-talent. I have been generating professional creations for audiovisual needs for many years. Video effects, animations, LED content, graphics, texts and sounds & songs. Until 2018 mainly for television and in service of NOB, Ciris, Dutchview, Prographics and NEP, but in addition, as AVgenerator, I received assignments from the B2B sector and I am the initiator and engine of the band Sleepstorm. From now on, on a solid foundation and with a exceptional view of the world, present as AV creator and available as a sparring partner in creative processes. I'll find style and story for your message.

Video effects, AR and LED content

In the late nineties and beyond, as a DVE specialist (Digital Video Effects), I generated an infinite number of effects for the Dutch and international television entertainment. As a motion designer, I have made designs for LED screens, often in collaboration with Pivot. I have also been closely involved in the introduction of AR (Augmented Reality) at NEP. Because of this experience in the control rooms and the FOHs of the international TV studios I got to know many people from the industry in an intensive way.

Selection of large (live) shows that I have participated in: (effects:) de Soundmixshow, Postcode Loterij Recordshow, Postcodeloterij Kanjer Nieuwjaar Show, Monte Carlo, Laat Ze Maar Lachen, Doet Ie Het Of Doet Ie Het Niet, Traumhochzeit and Love Letters; (LED-content:) The Voice of Holland, Holland's Got talent, The Winner Is..., X Factor, Popstars, Musical Awards, Televizier Ring; (AR:) Dance Dance Dance, Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar, De Reistest, Het Nationaal Aftelmoment, 2 Voor 12, Kassa and Per Seconde Wijzer.

Motion graphics & compositing

In the past 20 years I have provided many logos, intros and animations to national TV. To introduce the tapeless video era, I was the assistant director and did editing and compositing of the epic Dutchview corporate video "Eyecatcher" and realized many of the animated scenes. I did editting and compositing for Sta Op Tegen Kanker, the Sportsman of the Year leader, various music videos, the corporate video for DVBControl and others. On behalf of SimulPlus I worked on various projects for the University of Twente, including an intensive collaboration for their corporate video "Curiosity".

Selection of programs for which I made logo, opening sequence and animations: PAU!L, Langs De Leeuw, Roodkapje, Deal Or No Deal, Sterrenjacht, Let's Get Married, Sinterklaasjournaal, Slag Bij Nieuwpoort, Nationaal Song Festival, Jong Geleerd, Professor Nicolai & Dr. Beckand, Nationale Klimaat Test, 1 Contra Todos (Portugal), The Big Picture, Pointless, Zapp Live and De Nationale IQ test.

Title, sports and game graphics

In addition to titles and game graphics for numerous entertainment shows, I also designed sport graphics for the Amsterdam Marathon and the Volta cycling classic. The Eredivisie Live graphic design of 2010-2013, of which a derivative of the slomo wipe ("The Shield") is still used today, is by my hand. I did the implementation for these in XPression and I implemented graphics for Telegraaf Media Groep and Ziggo in Ventuz.

Selection of graphics and title designs: Miljoenenjacht, Een Tegen 100, Achmea Kennisquiz, Lijfshow, Stabilo Spellingstrijd, De Nationale Bijbeltest, de GTST-quiz, Pink Ribbon Gala, Gouden Loekie, Dancing With The stars, Dancing On Ice and Nur Die Liebe Zählt.

Explanimations and infographics

For many of the programs mentioned on this website I provided static or animated illustrations and explanatory maps in images, on screen or online. For the national introduction of the OV-chipkaart in 2009, I animated a series of clarifying videos even before the word explanimations appeared on the internet.

The most important animations and stills that I made were for De Toekomst Van Nederland, De Nationale Opvoedtest and DWDD-Universities by Beatrice de Graaf, Freek Vonk and Robbert Dijkgraaf.


I composed and edited tunes, touches and sound effects for various television programs. Among others for the Uitmarkt, Edison klassiek, Roodkapje, Horouf Wa Olouf, 7x7 en Back2School. I have produced both Sleepstorms albums and the posthumous CD by Comaplanet. In addition, I have been composing songs for decades in a wide range of styles, from mainstream pop to alternative rock, retro, singer-songwriter, electronic, dance or film music.